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We play without words to communicate without language

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Dark string arrangements slowly creep in with a gradually growing vibrato, weaving subtly over soft ambient synths, peppered with the deliberate but delicate touches of bass and guitar and the rich, swelling of cymbals – all swirling together into a remarkable yet ominous crescendo of sound. And this…this is only the first track of These Small Spaces – This Patch of Sky’s forthcoming fourth full-length.

The nine-track album takes listeners on a dynamic journey that navigates from eerie, somber soundscapes into gentle tapestries that build effortlessly into grandiose, soaring compositions – creating a sonic masterpiece, where instruments alone create a powerful and universal language.

That stunning instrumental language is composed by This Patch Of Sky’s six members: Kit Day (guitar), Joshua Carlton (guitar), Alex Abrams (cello), Neal Williams (bass) and Katya Marcusky (drums).

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“As I’ve grown older, I look back on how music drastically changed, shaped, healed, and encouraged me as I grew up,” reveals guitarist Kit Day. “My goal as a musician is to create music that will be that same influence to others. Music is such a powerful force that we connect with deeply.”

In the spring of 2016, This Patch of Sky made their way from their hometown of Eugene, OR to Seattle, WA where they recorded their latest opus. These Small Spaces was produced and mixed by the esteemed Matt Bayles (Caspian, Minus The Bear, Russian Circles) at Red Room Recording studio in only one week’s time. The album was later mastered by the renowned Ed Brooks (Pearl Jam, Cursive, Pelican) of Resonant Mastering. These Small Spaces will see its release on September 22, 2017 via Graphic Nature, an imprint label of Equal Vision Records. These Small Spaces is the follow-up to This Patch of Sky’s self-titled release (LP, 2015), Heroes and Ghosts (LP, 2013), Newly Risen, How Brightly You Shine (EP, 2012) and The Immortal, The Invisible (EP, 2011).

This Patch of Sky’s music has been prominently featured in numerous movies, documentaries, TV shows and commercials, as well as on some of today’s most popular and highly curated playlists. Syncs include several episodes of Jungle Town on Vice TV, an original score and licensed songs for Russel Brand: A Second Coming, placements in commercials for Petco, Ford Mustang, BFGoodrich Tires and Oakley, and in an NCAA sports documentary series for CBS Sports.

With live performances, the band brings their spellbinding sonic odyssey to life in a powerful and dramatic way, creating an atmosphere that whisks the audience away. The band has shared the stages with the likes of Caspian, So Hideous, Native and more. “Our sets tend to be emotional, almost like a 45-minute soundtrack that doesn’t stop. Once we start playing, we don’t stop in-between songs,” notes Day. “Everything flows together and generally provides emotions of every sort. We’ve had many shows where people come up to us in tears after playing thanking us for putting them through a sort of cleansing process. Since we don’t have words in our songs, we let the listener interpret each song to how they need to interpret it and connect.”

“The album title - These Small Spaces - originally came to us as we were recording demos for the album in our bedrooms, living rooms, apartments, etc. The album artwork based around the album also depicts a girl being confined to a small space who is breaking away and floating upward towards the sky with no restraints. We felt like it represented this album perfectly.”




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"Rare is the band that improves with every release, but this Oregon septet has done it again. This self-titled album – the band’s fourth – is its best yet, representing another leap forward. To those unfamiliar with the band: it’s time to start noticing." - A Closer Listen


"This Patch Of Sky is more than a collection of eight songs: it’s an experience that will let you explore the most beautiful sonic landscapes." - Echoes and Dust


With their fourth release in as many years, TPOS have transformed from an eccentrically aggressive style of post-rock that attempted to lure in listeners with catchy hooks and flashy guitar work to what is now one of the most complete and full sounding post-rock bands in the world." - Postrockstar


We can guess these guys in This Patch of Sky all read huge leather bound books and shit, and they all rock well-worn denim and perfectly complementary colors and patterns of plaid, but after spending hours upon hours with this album, I'd like to think their decision making abilities as it pertains to song construction is their most impressive collective trait." - SYFFAL


"TPOS appears to have learned patience, letting each build rise in tension, allowing it to grow slowly and organically, letting the feelings come when they’re ready rather than applying an almost punk rock impatience to the the formula, as so many young instrumental bands do." - Exiled In Eugene (1).jpg



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